Photo by Tyrica Owens Photography

Photo by Tyrica Owens Photography

Guerrilla SelfCare

Conquer your complex life with Kehinde Koyejo, the Artist SelfCare Guide. Integrate traditional self-care practices into your demanding modern lifestyle to minimize stress and maximize your health and effectiveness.

Using our unique guerilla style approach to stress management and burnout prevention participants will learn how to start where they are and use what they have to create happy, healthier, and more sustatinable livestyles.

In our in-depth workshop,  participants are guided through our 4 step process of transformation. This process includes identfying stressors, signs and symptoms of stress, creating a customized toolbox and a personalized selfcare plan of action.

Participants recieve the the following:

  • Guerrilla SelfCare Guidebook

  • Notebook

  • Starter Remedy Kit

  • Free 30-minute follow-up consultation

Our workshop is ideal for companies, organizations, institutions, and groups who are interested in creating a culture of self-care within the work place. It has been proven that happy, healthy and fulfilled employees are great for business.