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Actor| Entrepreneur

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Kehinde Koyejo is a native of Oakland, California. She is a mother, healer, artist, producer, and entrepreneur. Kehinde has worked as a professional actor for over 15 years, served her community for over 25 years, and has been in business for 4 years. She has worked along side respected actors/artists including Rhodessa Jones, Edris Cooper-Anifowoshe, Margo Hall, Steven Anthony Jones, Carl Lumbly, Phililp Kan Gantanda,  Bianca LaVerne Jones, and Danai Gurira. She has received a number of academic, community, and artistic awards including The J. Ndukaku Amankulor Memorial Award for Academic Excellence from New York University,  the UC Berkeley Women’s of Color Film Festival, Mentor of the Year Award from The Mentoring Center, The Fred Trant Memorial Award from the Business Renaissance Center and a host of ensemble awards for acting.

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"Comically delightful is Kehinde Koyejo in a variety of ensemble roles..."

/  San FRANCISCO Chronicle  /